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Qt on DirectFB

27 Jul 2003:

Added a screenshot with demonstration of shaped window, qt themes and a Qt/DirectFB app running togheter with a Gtk+/DirectFB app. Only a very few things (like drag and drop) are to be fixed before a beta release.

25 Jul 2003:

At last i created the Sourceforge site and did the first commit to CVS. If you want to try Qt/DirectFB now, please fire the CVS and merge with the Qt/X11-3.2.0 source or wait for the first release.

20 Jul 2003:

Second alpha release of Qt with tons of bugfixes and major speedups.

16 Jul 2003:

First upload of the port of Qt 3.2.0b1, many things are still to fix and to implement, but at last i was able to integrate with some hacks all the modification with the qmake-style configure. Just download and let me know if it works for you!!

12 Jul 2003:

Creation of this site, with only a few screenshots and the story.

by Maurizio Monge