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Qt on DirectFB

Hello! I started downloading the source code of qt for X11 and compiling DirectFB with the SDL backend (it is very useful for development, at least unless we can develop easely under DirectFB!). I added then a few code in the qt widget creation routine to create a directfb window and started adding code to enable draws to the window, without removing x11 code. The result was a library that create an X11 window and dispatches X11 events, but it creates an identical DirectFB window too!

I then did the major step, removing the x11 input handling and starting the cleanup of the X11 code. Currently the XOpenDisplay is skipped, and so no X11 routine is called. Still there is a little bit of X11 code somewhere that must be removed and some thing that have to be optimized and implemented, mainly for font handling (is currently supported only 1 type of font :-) ), when i will have a bit more time i will set up the code and release ... This are some screenshot on native framebuffer (no SDL) with the motif style:

Now that the port is beginning to work pretty well enjoy this screenshot too: